Rare footage of the episode.

Daddy Pig Sits On Krader's Cheesecake is the most pointless episode in cartoon history.

Episode Synospis

Daddy Pig sits on Krader's cheesecake so Krader kills him.


The episode starts off in Peppa Pig's house, in this case, the living room. Peppa Pig states that it's nice having Krader as a guest to Mommy Pig who is sitting on the sofa, while Daddy Pig walks by. Daddy Pig sits on his chair where Krader's cheesecake is and crushes it. Krader gets super mad at Daddy Pig. Daddy Pig notices with a face of sorrow, and eats the cheesecake and says that it's leftover cake since he just had chocolate cake. Krader turns furious and cooks Daddy Pig, and make bacon. The episode cuts to the kitchen where Peppa, George, Mommy Pig, and Krader are enjoying a delicious meal of... Themselves and they laugh and fall onto the floor on their backs.


[Episode zooms at the exterior of Peppa Pig's house and fades into the living room]

  • Peppa Pig: It is lovely having a special guest, Mommy Pig!
  • George: (Oinks)
  • Mommy Pig: Why, yes it is!
  • Krader: Ooh, your cheesecake is big-big goods Mommy Pig!
  • Mommy Pig: Why thank you! Wait, where is your cheesecake?
  • Daddy Pig: (Sits on the cheesecake) Oh dear...
  • Krader: You just sit on me cheesecake!?
  • Daddy Pig: Sorry to say this but... I did... Well, the good thing is that I get some leftover cake! (Eats cake)

[Krader throws Daddy Pig into the oven and slams the hatch, and then the episode cuta to the kitxhen where everybody except Daddy Pig are eating bacon.]

  • Peppa Pig: I never knew that I was so tasty! I might as well eat myself!
  • Mommy Pig: Oh yes, what Peppa said.
  • Shrek: This is truly better than onions!
  • Krader: A slice of bacon a day keep Daddy away!

[Everybody at the table starts laughing and soon topples over, and continues laughing.]


  • This episode has no point whatsoever.
  • This episode has only aired once and was banned forever because of dismemberment. Only one pic was uploaded. One person does have a video tape of it and posted it on the internet. We are currently trying to figured out the video's name.
  • It has a Lalaloopsy parody called The Sad Death of Trace E. Doodles. (