Flain:Who could that---*sees Pikachu* AAAAAHHHH!!

Pikachu:Pika Pikachu Pi! *runs and jumps on Teslo*

Teslo:Not again!! *Pikachu shocks Teslo* AAAAAHHHH!!!

Flain:Not this again, this has to stop.

Volectro:Pikachu, What the heck are you....*Pikachu shocks Volectro* AAAAAAAAHHHH!! Why, Pikachu, WHY?!

Krader:ATTACK!!! *Pikachu shocks Krader to death*

*Flain dumps water on Pikachu, and beats him up*

Flain:This ends NOW!!

Pikachu:Pika Pi! *uses Thunderbolt*

Flain: *dodges attack, shoots water gun at Pikachu* Take this!

Pikachu: *straining* Pikachu!

*teleporter opens*

Ash Ketchum:What's going on? *GASP* Pikachu!

Flain:ASH KETCHUM??! :O O_O Pikachu's your POKEMON?


Flain:I challenge you to a Pokémon battle!

[Flain VS Ash]

Flain:So Electric Pokémon's weaknesses are Ground-Type Pokémon, so...Sandslash, I choose you!

Ash:Pikachu, go!

Flain:Sandslash, use Sand Attack!

*hits Pikachu*

Now use Earthquake!

Ash:Pikachu, get up and use Quick Attack!

Pikachu:Pika! *runs at Sandslash*

Flain:Dodge it!

*Sandslash dodges attack*

Ash:Your Sandslash is good!

Flain:Hmm. Sandslash, use Sand Tomb to end this!

Pikachu: *weak Pika, Pika*

Flain:I WON!!! Now go back where you came from!

Ash:Okay, friend! We'll be back sometime.

Flain: :) Okay! I liked Ash Ketchum after all.