The one with the eyelashes.

Dorklectro is a Dorxel. She is Volectro's big sister. She sounds and acts like Ruby from Max & Ruby because she is a big jerk.


Early Life

Little is known about Dorklectro's early life. Although, she was created by Thedrksiren after Volectro fell in love with Zorch.

Dating Dorbalk

After Volectro gave birth to babies, there was a new Volectro name Dorklectro. She was very evil and happy. One day, she met Dorbalk, a female Balk (Male in this case). Dorbalk fell in love with Dorklectro because they were both insane & dim-whittled. More coming soon!


  • She is part of the Dorxels, a race of Mixels.