Flain:Hey everyone, I'm Flain and i'm here with Teslo,Zorch and Magnifo.

Zorch:(on mic) Hey!

Flain:And we are gonna use a few cheats. First, we'll use Evil Cars, it's a cheat, if you use it, every car will try to run you over. Next, we'll use Milk Bones, when used, melee attacks are more deadly than normal melee attacks. So let's play!


Teslo:OMG! OMG! There's a SUV chasing me and----AAAAHHHH!! (lands on water)

Flain:You okay?

5-10 minutes later....

Flain:NO! NO! NO! Zorch, don't just stand there! RUN!

Zorch:AAAHHH! (dodges car)

As time passes....

Magnifo:I'm gonna punch the policeman.

Flain:Wait! DON'T!

Magnifo:Dude! You activated Milk Bones, so that means, when i punch someone, they die!

Teslo:NO,NO,NO,NO! (car runs over Teslo)

Flain:HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!! :D OMG! That was SO funny!


Flain:Guys, just get in the car!! (Teslo,Zorch and Magnifo enters car)

Zorch:OMG!! THERE'S AN SUV CHASING US!! Oh my god! (yells crazily)

Few minutes later....

Magnifo:Oh no----(car runs over Magnifo) AAAAAAAHHHH!

Zorch:NO! (dodges car) Missed me---(car runs him over) NNNNNOOOOO!!

Flain:I'm the only one that didn't get ran over by a car/truck/SUV? Wow----(car runs him over) HOW MANY CARS ARE THERE?!

Seconds later....

Teslo:Wow, i like the sunset so--OH MY GOD!! (car crashes into the car)

Flain:Not today, homie!

Teslo:Flain? You saved my life.

Flain:Okay guys, we'll be back at Part 2! See you guys then!