Flain:Hey, welcome back to Saints Row 2 Gameplay, last time i saved Teslo from getting run over by a car.

Teslo:That's right!

As time passes....

Flain:(fires rocket launcher) Not today....

Magnifo:(tries to jump over car, but fails)

Flain:OH!! OMG!

Teslo:Go inside the house, it's safer to get away from the evil cars.

Flain:LOOK OUT!!

(car crashes into a truck)

(car goes on fire)

Flain:MOVE!! MOVE!!



Zorch:Okay, so-----what the heck?

(Zorch sees car drives on railroad)

Magnifo:Hey, Zorch!

(train runs over Magnifo's car)

Magnifo:AAAAHHH!! Dang it!

Zorch:HA HA!

Teslo:(breaks glass)

(alarm blaring, police sirens sounds)

Teslo:Dang it!

Flain:(drives car) Move, get out the way! Get out the way! Get out the way, people! Get out the way!

Magnifo:(gets pepper sprayed) AAAAHHH!

Flain:Okay, guys! I guess that's all the time we have for this game, see you next time!