Flain LP 4000

Teslo LP 4000

Seismo LP 4000

Magnifo LP 4000

Seismo:I draw! I summon Crimson Ninja in ATK mode, then i end my turn with a facedown card!

Flain:Fine! I draw! I summon White Ninja in ATK mode, then i activate the equip card Fuhma Shuriken, then i equip on White Ninja.

ATK 1500 + ATK 700 = ATK 2200

Flain:Then i summon Strike Ninja in ATK mode, Now Strike Ninja, attack Seismo's Crimson Ninja!


LP 4000 - LP 1400 - LP 2600

Flain:Then i'll let my White Ninja attack you directly!


LP 2600 - LP 2200 = LP 400

Volectro (in camera):Now Seismo only has 400 Life Points left!! OH NO!!

Flain:I end my turn with 2 facedowns.

Magnifo:Alright then! I draw! I summon Gagaga Girl in ATK mode, then i summon Gagaga Caesar in ATK mode, then i end my turn!

Teslo:So, i draw! I summon Crane Crane in DEF mode, then i summon Mozarta the Melodious Maestra in ATK mode, then Mozarta will attack your Gagaga Girl.


LP 4000 - LP 1600 = LP 2400

Volectro:(thinking) If Magnifo gets hit directly by a monster with 2000 Attack Points, he'll end up like Seismo.

To be continued.....