This is a parody commercial/episode by WatermelonSunshine.


Teslo and Scorpi have just had Flipeez hats made of them, and everyone HATES the hats.


  • (The episode begins with the Mixels logo in the sky in Mixel Land and the Flipeez logo below the Mixels logo.)
  • Creepy Kids Chorus: (Flipeez jingle plays) FLIP FLIP FLIP YOUR FLIPEEZ!
  • (Episode cuts to a little girl and a little boy looking very sad.)
  • Narrator: HEEEEY KIDS!
  • Little Girl and Little Boy: What?
  • Narrator: Have you ever wanted Flipeez?
  • Little Girl: I wanted the kitty cat!
  • Little Boy: I wanted the monkey one!
  • Narrator: Do you like Mixels?
  • Little Girl and Little Boy: YEAH!
  • Narrator: Then you will LOVE these Mixels Flipeez! (The Teslo hat appears on the little boy's head and the Scorpi hat appears on the little girl's)
  • Little Boy: I squeeze the bulb on the Teslo hat and his tail flips up! (Teslo hat's tail flips up and electrocutes the little boy) AAAAAAAAAAAAA! (Teslo appears, pointing and laughing.) Lemme do that again. (Squeezes the bulb and the tail flips up, electrocuting the boy again)
  • Teslo: (laughs) That hat of me meant to do that.
  • Little Boy: You're gonna pay for this, Teslo!
  • Little Girl: What does this Scorpi hat do? (Squeezes the bulb and the Scorpi hat's tail flips up and the spike on it rips the hat) Darn it. (Squeezes bulb again and tail flips up again. Each time the girl does this, she says "Darn it" until the hat rips in half)
  • Narrator: HEY EVERYONE, POINT AND LAUGH! (Episode cuts to Teslo and Scorpi pointing and laughing)
  • Little Boy: That was a big ripoff!
  • Little Girl: I'm gonna SUE YOU, narrator.
  • (Little Boy and Little Girl blow raspberries, then Teslo and Scorpi come in)
  • Scorpi: (points to Little Girl's hat)
  • Teslo: Yeah, give it!
  • Little Boy: I don't deserve this. (Gives Teslo his Teslo Hat)
  • Little Girl: Have fun with the halves, Scorpi. (Gives Scorpi both halves of her majorly ripped hat)
  • (Teslo and Scorpi start dancing as the episode ends)


  • This is the second episode to end with a dance (the first one was Zaptor Has 24 Hours To Live.)
  • This episode was banned for being just an extended commercial for Flipeez. Only one video exists of it, and it is available on YouTube but dubbed into Icelandic under the title "Fyndið auglýsing" which is Icelandic for "Funny commercial."