These are 3 45-minute specials starring Katy Perry, when she discovers a cubit thrown at her during a concert. The cubit ends up transporting her to Mixel Land, where she meets the Mixels!

Special 1: Katy Perry Visits Mixel Land

This is from March 2014.

Katy Perry gets a cubit thrown at her during a concert and gets magically transported to Mixel Land. There, she meets the Infernites, Cragsters, and Electroids.

Songs: I Kissed A Girl (sung at the concert), Waking Up in Vegas, Unconditionally

Special 2: The Quest for the Missing Microphone

This is from June 2014.

When Katy Perry gets her microphone stolen by Nixels, it's up to Katy and the Fang Gang, Frosticons, Flexers, Electroids, Cragsters, and Infernites to get it back.

Songs: Roar, Hot N Cold, Birthday

Special 3: Stop the Murps!

This one's from October 2014.

At a Mix Party, when Katy accidentally throws cubits at several Mixels, they end up Murping. Flain and Krader, Slumbo and Kraw, Chomly and Tentro, Shuff and Zaptor, and worst of all - Glurt and Scorpi - all Murp and cause serious destruction all over Mixel Land! Can Katy and the remaining Mixels stop the Murps?

Songs: Part of Me, This is How We Do, Firework

Special 4: Christina Perri's Adventures of Mixels

This one will come out in February 2015.

When Christina Perri lands in Mixel Land for the same reason Katy did earlier, Christina and Katy get into a huge fight. Unfortunately, they accidentally board a mysterious spaceship and land on the Mixel-Moon where they meet the Glowkies and Orbitronz. When Christina sides with the Glowkies in a battle and Katy sides with the Orbitronz, the other Mixels try to break up the fight. They soon end up going back to Mixel Land to meet the new Infernites.

Katy's Songs: Teenage Dream, Dark Horse and E.T.

Christina's Songs: A Thousand Years, Jar of Hearts and Human