Flain:I'll go first, I draw! I summon Enraged Muka Muka in ATK mode, now i activate its effect, this card gains 400 ATK and DEF points for each card in my hand, i have 3 cards in my hand, so my monster gains 1200 ATK and DEF points.

Volectro:Now it has 2400 ATK and DEF points?!

Flain:I place 2 cards facedown and end my turn (because you cannot attack on your 1st turn)

Volectro:I draw! I summon Shadow Ghoul in ATK mode, then i activate the trap card Castle Walls, I can increase the selected monster's DEF points by 500. Now i put Shadow Ghoul in DEF mode, now my monster has 1800 DEF points. I place 1 card facedown and end my turn.

Flain:I draw! I activate the trap card Reinforcement, I can select one monster and that monsters gains 500 ATK points until the end of the turn, Now Enraged Muka Muka, attack his Shadow Ghoul!



LP 4000 - LP 600 = LP 3400

Flain:I place 1 card facedown and end my turn, and my monster's ATK points return to normal.

Volectro:I draw! I summon Monster Tamer in ATK mode, then place 1 card facedown and end my turn.

Flain:Well, i haven't took any damage and/or lose any Life Points, lucky for me.

Part 2 coming next!