Flain LP 4000

Volectro LP 3400

Flain:I draw! I activate the trap Enchanted Javelin, It increases my Life Points by the ATK points of 1 attacking monster, then I summon Muka Muka, then I activate my monster's effect, This monster gains 300 ATK and DEF points for each card in my hand, I have 3 cards in my hand, so now Muka Muka has 1500 ATK and DEF points, then i activate the spell Hinotama, this card inflicts 500 damage to my opponent.


LP 3400 - LP 500 = LP 2900

Flain:I place 1 card facedown and end my turn.

Volectro:I draw! I summon Quick-Span Knight in ATK mode, then i activate my monster's effect, when this monster is sent in the graveyard for a Synchro summon, I can target one of your monsters and that monsters loses 500 ATK points, then i end my turn with 2 facedowns.

Flain:I draw! I summon Alligator's Sword in ATK mode, Now attack Volectro's Quick-Span Knight!



LP 2900 - LP 500 = LP 2400

Flain:Then i activate the spell Remove Trap, I can select 1 face-up trap on the field and can destroy it, i pick your trap card!

Volectro:Not my secret weapon :(

Flain:You won't be needing one once i'm done with you, you have 2400 Life Points left, and i haven't took any damage from your monsters!, Oh, didn't you forget about my trap card Enchanted Javelin?

LP 4000 + LP 1500 = LP 5500

Flain:Before i end my turn, I first want to summon Stuffed Animal in ATK mode, NOW i want to end my turn.

(Camera pops in front of Flain)

Teslo (on camera):Flain, i see/heard you're dueling our fellow Electroid, Volectro. He's easy to beat in a duel, sometimes inside he's shy to attack because he doesn't know the right time to attack your monsters or attack you directly, even though some of his monsters have more ATK points than yours. AND i see Volectro has 2400 Life Points left and you seem to activate a trap card to increase your Life Points by the ATK points of a attacking monster.

Flain:(confused) How did you know that?

Teslo:I saw the WHOLE duel until i wanted to talk to one of you for once during your duel and the rest of the Mixels will be watching too.

Flain:How can they? They don't have cameras!

Teslo:Not exactly.

Zorch (on camera): Hey guys, cool place you guys are having the duel right now.

Magnifo (on camera):I agree.



Part 3 coming next!