Flain:After all those duels!

Thunderbolt Red X:Hey guys!

Flain:Hey Red X!

Thunderbolt Red X:So, can me and Seismo duel?



Thunderbolt Red X LP 4000

Seismo LP 4000

Seismo:I draw! I summon Kagemusha of the Blue Flame in ATK mode, then I end my turn.

Thunderbolt Red X:I draw! I set a card facedown, then I summon The Great Emperor Penguin in ATK mode, then I activate my facedown card Castle Walls, I can increase the selected monster's DEF points by 500.

DEF 1500 + DEF 500 = DEF 2000

Thunderbolt Red X:Then I put Emperor Penguin to DEF mode, then I summon Puny Penguin in ATK mode, then I switch Emperor Penguin to ATK mode to attack your Kagemusha.


LP 4000 - LP 1000 = LP 3000

Thunderbolt Red X:Then my Puny Penguin can attack you directly.


LP 3000 - LP 400 = LP 2600

Thunderbolt Red X:Then I summon Ally Mind, then I Overlay my Ally Mind and Emperor Penguin, when these 2 monsters, I build the Overlay Network, I Synchro Summon Ally of Justice Catastor.

Flain:A Synchro Monster? with 2200 Attack Points! If Seismo gets attacked directly by that monster, he would have 400 Life Points left, just like the duel Me,him,Teslo and Seismo had.

To be continued....