Thunderbolt X


Thunderbolt X's fancy way

The True Form (2)

Thunderbolt X's True Form

Thunderbolt X (3)

Thunderbolt X as a human fox

Thunderbolt X is a character from TURBOMixel997's YouTube series Digimon Pokemon Zexal Fusion X, His first appearance was in the christmas special "Christmas Party" with his younger twin brother Thunderbolt Red X.

First Appearance:Christmas Party

Name:Thunderbolt X


Skin Color:N/A

Birth Date:N/A

Shirt Color:Green w/ Thunderbolt

Pants Color:Red

Shoe Color:Grey w/ Black outline

Friends:Thunderbolt Red X (younger twin brother), Yuma, Ash, etc.

Enemies:Dark Comet, Dark Flash, Dark Flain, etc.

(Fancy Way)

Appearance:Black doggy hat on head, tie on shirt, fox tail on right side of pants, pocket sleeve on left side of pants.

(True Form)

Appearance:Green shirt, yellow vest on shirt, red shirt sleeves, spikes on shirt sleeves, 2 swords in hand.

(Fox Version)

Ears on head, green shirt w/ Thunderbolt, blue pants w/ black outline, fox tail.


Footi (WIN)

Mixels Fanon Wiki Description

Thunderbolt X is a duelist in Mixels-Yu-Gi-Oh. And is part of the "Number Hunting Team".